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I'm going to make a bold statement about Brothers Burn Mountain. I believe that these guys, Ryan and Jesse Dermody, are going to hit it big in the next few years. That is, I believe they will earn the kind of wide-spread popularity and success that acts like, for example, Bon Iver or The Decemberists have earned in recent years. They seem to be doing everything the right way, most importantly focusing on their music, crafting a unique sound and being totally true to their vision.- David from Stumpjack Coffee Co

"The phrase, "I'm just a vessel" is used a lot when I ask artists about where their music comes from, and while the Brothers Burn Mountain never simply said that, I don't think it could be any more true for them. Their music is alive - it's a breathing force that you can feel. The music is all around them, in everything they see. They absorb it and appreciate it and it becomes a part of them that then flows out with no thought process or agenda - true musicians, true artists." - Doug MacRostie from

Forging pleasant musical pathways out of the realm of unlimited possibilities. Unbound by particular genre, their studio work ranges from somewhat classical (Three Flames) to "chain gang" blues (I Sleep All Night) to "Islandishly" tribal (Farewell Song, At the Wharf in St Tropez). That their CD's are entirely self-produced is a testament to their spirit of independence. The deliberate way they deliver their songs makes one believe that this is important music.
- Brian from Terrapin Station

The Brothers Burn Mountain (Ryan and Jesse Dermody) - their music was amazing, fantastic, gorgeous stuff. Trying to set up another date with them. Really mesmerizing owe it to yourself to see these guys.
- David from Stumpjack Coffee Co.



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